About Us.

hoto Credit: Peter Hellberg

Who are we?

Envision Santa Fe, a project of the Interfaith Leadership Alliance of Santa Fe, is a coalition of community groups and social service agencies working together to provide homeless families with the support they need to become self-sufficient, stable and sustainable.


Volunteer mentors work with families to provide them with the support they need to move into permanent housing, learn skills to obtain self-sufficiency, and access resources to ensure long-term sustainability.


How do we do it?

Envision Santa Fe, with referrals from social service agencies, pair mentors with homeless families.  Envision Santa Fe sets aside $3,000 for each participating family to be used for emergency or one-time expenses such as a security deposit on an apartment. 

How are families chosen?

Social service providers identify families that are ready to transition into permanent housing and break the cycle of homelessness. 


How can I help?

Envision Santa Fe is seeking mentors to make a two-year commitment to participating family members. We also need volunteers to assist with tasks such as tutoring, budgeting advice, and nutritional consultation.  To volunteer, click here!



Envision Santa Fe offers educational programs several times a year that are open to the public. If you would like to know more about these programs or to volunteer, please contact us at envisionsantae@gmail.com


Envision Co-chairs:

Sue Breslauer

Ellen Biderman


Envision Coordinators:

Beverly Larzalere

Rebecca Baran-Rees